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MP Mark Strahl Calls on Parliament to Protect Vulnerable People

OTTAWA – Mark Strahl, Member of Parliament for Chilliwack—Hope, delivered the following statement in the House of Commons today: 

“When the Liberals brought in their medical aid in dying regime, they promised to protect vulnerable people. They have failed to do so.”

“Veterans who have called Veterans Affairs to ask for help have been offered assisted suicide instead.”

“Persons with disabilities unable to find supportive housing have been offered assisted suicide instead.”

“In too many cases, vulnerable Canadians are being offered assisted suicide instead of the support they need and want from the system.”

“Now the Liberals want to add those suffering from mental illness to their assisted suicide regime as well.”

“After months of dragging their feet, they have belatedly brought forward a delay to this reckless idea. But we don’t just need to delay this dangerous expansion of assisted suicide, we need to reject it entirely.”

“Conservatives will never give up on those experiencing mental illness. We believe that recovery is possible and that we should focus on offering treatment and help, not assisted death, to those who are suffering.”

“This is a matter of life and death and we must act to protect vulnerable people, once and for all.”

To watch the video of this statement, please visit MP Strahl’s Facebook page.