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Statement from MP Mark Strahl on NDP-Liberal Coalition

CHILLIWACK– Mark Strahl, Member of Parliament for Chilliwack—Hope released the following statement regarding the formation of the NDP-Liberal coalition:

“In the last federal election, Canadians denied Justin Trudeau the majority government he cynically called an early election to try to get. It turns out he didn’t need to win a majority of the seats in the House of Commons to get the absolute power he wanted, because the NDP has now abandoned their role as an opposition party and traded it in for the role of Liberal cheerleaders, agreeing to support Justin Trudeau’s government no matter what for the next three years. After the election, the NDP denied they were planning to prop up Justin Trudeau’s government through a coalition. It turns out they had a plan to form one all along, and they formalized their backroom deal this week.”

“Rising inflation, out-of-control cost of living, and a national unity crisis will only get worse under this Liberal government and their NDP enablers.”

“Conservatives will continue to fight to make life more affordable for Canadians, but this new coalition is already making life more expensive.”

“This week, Canada’s Conservatives called on the Trudeau-Singh coalition to cut the GST on fuel at the gas pump. Based on today’s gas prices, that would save people in Chilliwack–Hope almost 10 cents per litre every time they filled up their tanks. Unfortunately, the NDP-Liberal coalition voted down our motion in Parliament and voted to keep the price of gas at record highs, just how they like it.”

“Canadians didn’t vote to give Justin Trudeau absolute power but the NDP has volunteered to give it to him anyway. Canadians are already discovering that they can’t afford this NDP-Liberal coalition.”