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Statement by MP Mark Strahl on Chilliwack—Hope’s Heroic Actions During the BC Storm

OTTAWA – Mark Strahl, Member of Parliament for Chilliwack—Hope, delivered the following statement in the House of Commons today:

“Today I pay tribute to the people of in my riding of Chilliwack—Hope for their selfless and heroic actions during the BC Storm last month.”

“Farmers rushed into rising flood waters with their trucks and trailers to help their fellow farmers rescue thousands of animals in the Sumas Prairie.”

“Hundreds of people sandbagged in the middle of the night to prevent a catastrophic failure of the Barrowtown Pump Station.”

“The people of Hope cared for 1200 stranded travellers who were cut off for days due to landslides and road closures.”

“Faith communities, service clubs and neighbours sprang into action to help however they could.”

“Angling Guides used their own boats to deliver food, take people to medical appointments, and help with the recovery effort.”

“First responders and road crews worked around the clock to rebuild supply lines and keep us safe.”

“I’ve never been more proud of my community. We came together in a spirit of unity to do whatever needed to be done.”

“We were there for one another during the crisis, and I know we’ll continue to be there for one another as we rebuild, together.”

To watch the video of this statement, please visit MP Strahl’s Facebook page.