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MP Strahl Calls on Trudeau Liberals to Deliver a Plan to Safely End COVID-19 Lockdowns

OTTAWA – Mark Strahl, Member of Parliament for Chilliwack—Hope, delivered the following statement in the hybrid sitting of the House of Commons today, calling on the Liberal government to present a plan for when COVID-19 restrictions can be safely eased:

“It’s been a year since governments in Canada and around the world locked down their citizens in order to fight the COVID-19 virus. While they were accepted as being necessary at first, Canadians want to know the plan to bring these lockdowns to an end.”

“A million Canadians have lost their jobs and the dignity that comes with them.”

“Seniors are locked away from the people they love. Extended families remain separated.”

“Overdoses and mental illnesses are skyrocketing and the impact of these lockdowns on our children will take decades to address.”

“Delays in diagnostics and treatments for serious illnesses continue to have deadly impacts.”

“And while you can watch hockey at the bar and shop in the hundreds in big box stores, faith communities are prevented from meeting together, their buildings empty.”

“Our physical, mental, spiritual and economic health has suffered long enough. It’s time for this government to deliver a real plan to get us out of these lockdowns. Because we just aren’t meant to live this way.”

To watch the video of this statement, visit Mark’s MP Facebook page here.

Today, Canada’s Conservatives put forward a motion calling on Justin Trudeau to present a clear, data-driven plan to support gradually, safely, and permanently lifting COVID-19 restrictions. The vote on the motion will take place on Wednesday afternoon.

Full text of the Conservative Opposition Day motion can be found here.