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Justin Trudeau’s Weak Leadership

This week, Canada’s Conservatives brought forward a motion calling on the House of Commons to stand in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en people, the majority of whom have indicated their support for the Coastal GasLink project.

Right now across Canada, hundreds of people have already been laid off and our economy is grinding to a halt as a direct result of the illegal protests blocking our critical infrastructure.

Justin Trudeau, through his inaction and his weak leadership, is emboldening these protesters to do things like show up at the home of the BC premier John Horgan, threatening to take him under citizen’s arrest; like blockading propane, home heating oil, and chlorine for our water cleaning systems. All of this is apparently not worthy of condemnation from Justin Trudeau.

We have a Prime Minister who spent the first 10 days of this national crisis out of the country, spending taxpayer money, going around Africa meeting with people who don’t share the values that he trumpets here at home, trying to get their votes for a temporary seat on the UN Security Council. Then he promoted Africa’s oil and gas industries while at the same time he talks about phasing out ours. Then he bowed and scraped to the Iranian foreign minister, smiling and shaking hands with someone whose regime is responsible for shooting 57 Canadians out of the sky.

Justin Trudeau couldn’t even come home. He’s cancelled a trip to Barbados, so I guess we should give him kudos for that, because he finally realized what a crisis we have here, but he hasn’t done anything about it. He won’t even call these blockades illegal. He won’t even stand up for the court injunctions.

We have to decide if are we are going to stand with the forces who ignore court injunctions or are we going to stand up for the rule of law and demand that in this country, that this Parliament and this Prime Minister stand up and say that the court injunctions should be enforced and the rule of law should be enforced and upheld.