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Damning report finds Trudeau guilty, again

Chilliwack– Ethics Commissioner, Mario Dion has found Justin Trudeau has violated ethics rules by using his power and authority over Ms. Wilson-Raybould to influence the criminal prosecution of SNC-Lavalin.

This is the second ethics violation for the Prime Minister. Trudeau’s first violation was in accepting a paid vacation on a luxury island from someone lobbying his government.

“Justin Trudeau promised to be open, honest and accountable with Canadians. Instead, multiple Ethics Commissioner’s reports have shown that Justin Trudeau is corrupt and has repeatedly lied to Canadians,” stated Strahl. “Even today, after this damning finding, Justin Trudeau can’t bring himself to apologize to Canadians for his unethical conduct.”

Further, the report states the Ethics Commissioner was prevented from accessing relevant information in his examination of Justin Trudeau’s misconduct due to interference from the Prime Minister’s office.

“Justin Trudeau done everything in his power to try to cover up his attempt to interfere in an ongoing criminal proceeding by helping out his friends at SNC-Lavalin. It hasn’t worked and he’s been found guilty,” said Strahl.