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Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax Won’t Meet Paris Targets, Would Have to Increase Gas Prices by 23 Cents/Litre: PBO

OTTAWA – Mark Strahl, Member of Parliament for Chilliwack–Hope, issued the following statement regarding Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax:

“Today, the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) confirmed Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax would need to be $102 per tonne in order to reach Canada’s Paris targets. That’s five times more expensive than it is today, meaning Canadians will pay more for groceries, home heating and gasoline prices, which will increase by 23 cents per litre”.

“The Liberal Carbon Tax isn’t a plan to lower emissions, it’s just another cash grab which is hurting already overtaxed Canadians. That’s why Andrew Scheer’s first act as Prime Minister will be to scrap the Carbon Tax, leaving more money in Canadians’ pockets, so that they can get ahead.”

“Andrew Scheer will be unveiling A Real Plan to Protect Our Environment on June 19,” concluded MP Strahl. “Unlike the Liberal plan, which is not an environmental plan but a plan to raises taxes on Canadians, our Conservative plan will take meaningful action to protect our environment while protecting Canadian taxpayers.”

To view the PBO’s report, entitled “Closing the Gap: Carbon Pricing for the Paris target,” visit