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MP Strahl Introduces Private Member’s Bill on Acromegaly Awareness Day

OTTAWA – Mark Strahl, MP for Chilliwack-Hope today in the House of Commons, introduced his Private Member’s Bill, An Act to Establish Acromegaly Awareness Day.

This bill seeks to bring greater awareness to the disease and therefore better treatment by declaring November 1 of each year Acromegaly Awareness Day.

“I’m proud to champion an issue that is important to my constituent, Deanna Badiuk, in Ottawa,” stated Strahl. “I am thankful that she brought this matter to my attention and for her tireless efforts to raise awareness of this rare disease.”
February 28 is rare diseases day. Acromegaly is a rare disorder most commonly caused by a benign pituitary tumour leading to abnormal growth. It can result in the enlargement of the hands, feet and facial features, increased spacing of teeth, headaches, problems with vision.

Acromegaly patients may suffer from complications including arthritis, diabetes, sleep apnea, hypertension, colonic polyps, carpal tunnel and enlarged internal organs such as the heart.
Deanna Badiuk is the President and Founder of the Vancouver Acromegaly Support Group. She brought the idea for this Private Member’s Bill to MP Strahl.

“Acromegaly Awareness Day is very important to help raise awareness of this rare disease, to get information out to the general public, doctors and specialists,” stated Badiuk. “It currently takes 10-15 years to get a diagnosis, as there isn’t enough understanding of Acromegaly, if left undiagnosed, premature death can happen at an earlier age. Raising awareness can help promote earlier diagnosis and improve the quality of life for those suffering with acromegaly.”

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To watch the video of MP Strahl introducing this bill in the House of Commons on his MP Facebook page.