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Get funding to Hire Young Canadians for Summer Jobs in 2019

Chilliwack—Hope – Employers in Chilliwack—Hope have until January 25, 2019, to submit funding applications for Canada Summer Jobs 2019. Summer jobs are key to helping young Canadians gain skills and valuable work experience needed to join the labour market.

“Now is the time for Chilliwack–Hope not-for-profit organizations, public-sector employers and small businesses to apply for funding through the Canada Summer Jobs program,” stated MP Strahl. “It’s unfortunate that so many organizations missed out on funding this year because of Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Values Test. Justin Trudeau’s values test has no place in a tolerant, multicultural society such as Canada. Organizations should not have to agree with the ideological positions of the Liberal Party of Canada to get government funding.”

As a result of the Liberal Values Test, over 1,500 Canada Summer Jobs applications were rejected in 2018 across Canada, up from 126 rejections in 2017. Hundreds of other organizations withdrew their applications or did not apply at all due to their inability to sign the attestation that the Liberals required in order to be eligible for funding.

The new application for the 2019 Canada Summer Jobs program will include a modified attestation that relates to the type of work being done by prospective Canada Summer Jobs students, as opposed to the “core mandate” of the organization applying.

The Canada Summer Jobs program creates quality summer job opportunities and valuable work experience for youth aged 15 to 30.

Applications by employers for Canada Summer Jobs are being accepted as of December 17, 2018 until January 25, 2019. Employers can now open an account on the Government Grants and Contributions Online Service portal, allowing them to take their time with the application, track it once it has been submitted and get quicker feedback from Service Canada.

For more information and to apply, please visit or a Service Canada Centre.