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Liberal Economic Plan Still Failing Canadians

Mark Strahl, Member of Parliament for Chilliwack–Hope says the Liberal government’s fall Economic Update is a failed plan and Canadians will continue to foot the bill for generations to come.  

“This year’s deficit is more than three times what Justin Trudeau promised it would be, and he’s added $60 billion dollars in debt. Next year, the deficit will be even higher, and the Liberals have no plan to return to balance. Borrowed money is simply a tax on future generations. It is our children and our grandchildren who will pay the bill for Justin Trudeau’s out of control spending now.”

As a result of Justin Trudeau’s reckless borrowing, last year the Liberals spent $23 billion dollars servicing the national debt.  By 2023, the Parliamentary Budget Officer says that amount will rise to $37 billion dollars – a 60% increase.

“While the Economic Update didn’t include a plan to balance the budget, it did include Justin Trudeau trying to buy off the media with $600 million dollars of funding in an election year,” concluded MP Strahl. “The Liberals are spending billions of dollars to give themselves advantages, instead of investing in the priorities of Canadians.”

To view MP Strahl’s video statement, visit his Mark Strahl, MP Facebook page