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MP Strahl Launches National Anthem Survey

OTTAWA – Mark Strahl, MP for Chilliwack-Hope, has mailed out a survey to all households in Chilliwack and Hope asking for input on proposed changes to the lyrics of O Canada. An online version of the survey is also available on his MP website.

Bill C-210, An Act to amend the National Anthem Act (gender), is legislation that proposes to change the lyrics of O Canada from “in all thy sons command” to “in all of us command.” This bill is currently being debated in the Senate of Canada.

“Of all our Canadian symbols, O Canada is one of the most prominent expressions of our national identity,” stated MP Strahl.  “Any changes to our national anthem should be given careful thought and consideration. While this bill was rushed through the House of Commons with limited debate, one hour of witness testimony and almost no consultation with Canadians, the Senate of Canada is now taking a second look at it and proposing to make amendments.”

The survey is comprised of the following question:

1.            Do you think the lyrics of our Canadian national anthem should be changed?

“Proposing to change the lyrics of O Canada elicits strong opinions from people in Chilliwack and Hope” added MP Strahl. “My office has already received responses from over a thousand constituents and counting.”

“I believe that O Canada is a national symbol that belongs to Canadians, not politicians,” concluded MP Strahl. “I value the opinions of my constituents and I want to bring a strong message back to Ottawa.”

MP Strahl is inviting all of his constituents to take the survey by May 31. To take the survey online, please visit Mark Strahl’s MP website at