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Liberal plan failing Canadians: MP Strahl

OTTAWA – Mark Strahl, MP for Chilliwack-Hope believes the government’s fall economic update demonstrated the Liberal economic plan is failing and Canadians are paying the price.

“The Liberal economic update fails to address an economy that has weakened since the spring budget. It does nothing for the suffering natural resources sector or the more than 100,000 workers who have lost their jobs since the election of this Liberal government,” said Strahl. “The Liberals have broken their election promises and are running a $30 billion deficit and have no plan to get back to balanced budgets. Worst of all, they have nothing to show for this reckless spending spree.”

Strahl said that middle and lower income Canadians will be worse off because of Liberal tax hikes and program cuts such as:

Cancelled family tax credits for sports and arts classes and cancelled small business tax cuts.

Imposed a CPP payroll tax hike and carbon tax that will cost families thousands of dollars every year.

Introduced new rules on mortgages that will make it harder for first time home buyers to buy a home.
“After a year of reckless spending, the Liberals haven’t created one net-full-time job.” Strahl added, “Their plan to tax, borrow and spend even more money will not help Canadian workers and their families.”