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MP Strahl Promoted to Natural Resources in Shadow Cabinet

OTTAWA – The Fall session of the House of Commons begins this week, and Member of Parliament Mark Strahl is back in Ottawa with a new role in the Official Opposition Shadow Cabinet.

In addition to his primary responsibilities as a Member of Parliament for Chilliwack-Hope, Strahl has been appointed the Official Opposition Critic for Natural Resources.

An integral part of his new role will be keeping the Liberal government accountable on files pertaining to Canada’s energy, forest, minerals and metals, so that the Canadian economy and Canadian workers can benefit from the responsible development of our natural resources.

“This is a critical time for our natural resource sectors,” stated Strahl. “Over 110,000 energy workers have lost their jobs, not only in Alberta, but right across the country including in Chilliwack and Hope. We’ll be asking this government where their plan is to help them get back to work. The forestry sector and the thousands of jobs and hundreds of communities they support are at risk because of a lack of action on the softwood lumber file as well. It’s going to be a busy fall.”

“Canada is blessed with abundant natural resources that the world wants and needs, and the jobs in these sectors are well-paying, family supporting jobs. We need to support the workers that earn their living in the natural resource sector.  So far, this Liberal government has simply failed to stand up for them.”