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Thousands Sign E-Petition For A Referendum On The Voting System

Today, Conservative democratic institutions critic Scott Reid (Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston) tabled in the House of Commons an electronic petition (e-petition) signed by 14,237 Canadians in support of holding a referendum on changing the voting system.

MP Reid made the following comments:

“Today in the House of Commons, I tabled petition e-48. It bears the signatures of 14,237 Canadians who want the Liberal government to hold a referendum on any proposed change to the voting system.”

“This is the second largest e-petition tabled since the start of the electronic petitions system, and it further illustrates the findings of a recent Insights West poll that found nearly two in three Canadians said they want the final say on the Liberal government’s plan to change how Canadians elect their Members of Parliament. Only “Seventeen per cent [of poll respondents] said a vote in the House of Commons was probably or definitely enough.” The poll showed that “Majorities were in favour of holding a referendum across all political stripes, topping out at 76 per cent among Conservatives voters, but also including 68 per cent of Liberal supporters.”

“A referendum of the Liberal plan is the only way to ensure that any change has the clear support of Canadians, and that the government’s plan is fair and transparent. Over the past few months, a near-consensus of editorial and opinion commentary urged the government to put any proposal to a referendum. Whatever the plan, and whatever the consultation process, Canadians want a vote—yes or no—before the government tries to change the voting system. That is what Canadians deserve from their government, and that it what the Conservative Party will continue to push for.”

“I want to thank everyone who signed this e-petition, and everyone who encouraged others to sign it. As more Canadians learn about this new e-petitions system, future e-petitions will ensure Members of Parliament hear from Canadians on the important issues. I hope that this and future petitions calling for a referendum on changing the voting system will play a role in convincing the Liberal government to give Canadians the final say.”