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Speech From The Throne Continues Liberal “Spending Spree”, Forgets Farmers, And Turns Canada’s Back On Terror Threat: Conservatives

The Liberal government’s Speech from the Throne sets Canada on a path to higher deficits and debt; and higher taxes including a carbon tax; while ignoring Canadian farmers, businesses, and free trade and turning Canada’s back on the threat of Islamic State terror, said the Leader of the Official Opposition, Rona Ambrose.

“The Speech from the Throne is a loud and clear warning to Canadians that the Liberals are about to take us down a fiscally reckless path. It’s short on detail, but full of big spending commitments,” said Ambrose.

“The Throne Speech just formalizes the dismal fiscal approach the Liberals have already begun to take. A 30-day Liberal spending spree has blown the surplus they inherited. The Finance Minister has taken an eraser to any time or money limit on the deficits he’s planning to run,” said Ambrose. “When the bill comes due on everything else the Liberals promised today, it will be even clearer that higher taxes, deficits and debt are the ‘Liberal new normal’. That includes a new carbon tax that will directly hit the middle class and kill jobs in a resource sector that is already struggling with global price declines.”

Ambrose said the Speech from the Throne was silent on Canada’s farmers and our agricultural sector, in particular on the need for expanded international markets. “The Speech from the Throne ignores farmers completely,” said Ambrose. “Most importantly, it forgets that free and open international trade is critical to the long-term health of Canadian farming, along with other Canadian industries. We see zero commitment from the government to follow through on the ambitious free trade agenda our Conservative government started, and that will do nothing but hurt Canadian farmers.”

The lack of commitment to fighting the terrorist threat from the Islamic State was also disappointing, Ambrose said. “At a time when our allies around the world are stepping up their fight against ISIS, Canada is stepping back,” Ambrose said. “The Speech from the Throne still does nothing to explain how withdrawing Canada’s CF-18s from the air combat mission will help our coalition partners defeat ISIS.

“The Conservatives are the only party that will stand up for the taxpayers of Canada and hold the Liberals to account as they go on a spending spree. We are the only party that will fight for jobs, for farmers, for the economy and for free trade. And we are the only party that will speak for Canadians who expect us to stand shoulder to shoulder with our allies and tackle the very real threats that face us. That is what Canadians can expect from a strong, Conservative opposition.”

Chilliwack—Hope MP Mark Strahl said that there was very little in the Throne Speech that would help families or the local economy in Chilliwack and Hope.

“The Liberals are promising to raise payroll taxes and increase the cost of everything with a new federal carbon tax, which means less money in the pockets of workers and the small businesses that drive our local economy in Chilliwack and Hope,” said Strahl. “The Official Opposition will continue to do our job and stand up for the Canadian families and workers who will increasingly bear the brunt of this irresponsible Liberal plan.”